What is R2R?

We are the leading fashion and design house empowering community artisans.

By partnering with Filipino artisans across the country, we create eco-ethical fashion and home accessories out of upcycled scrap cloth, organic materials, and indigenous fabrics.
R2R is creating a stylish social statement. In a world where fashion and design are often seen as excess, R2R is proof that style and sustainability can coexist.

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Every piece handcrafted for you

Wear your compassion: There is humanity woven in every R2R piece.


Breath, live and work in a stylish and sustainable space.


We love collecting and sharing inspiring and positive stories.


Our Story

R2R was borne out of the dream that one day, a Filipino born in poverty will not have to live in poverty.
We are proud to work with partner artisans who come from all over the Philippines – from the densely populated communities of the capital, to the mountain range tribes of the South. R2R is a life and livelihood partner for these empowered and dignified artisans, as they strive to weave better futures for their families and communities.

We strive to make design, entrepreneurship, and progress, truly inclusive.


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